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About Bake Me A Leader

Hi! I'm Mandy Kiesl, Founder of Bake Me A Leader.​ The vision for Bake Me A Leader was born as I realized my experience developing others could be paired with my love of food to teach others to leverage their unique strengths to be leaders now and in the future.

For Middle Schoolers & High Schoolers:

As you may have learned on the main page, Bake Me A Leader is a company focused on building our future leaders through baking and cooking classes which provide our future leaders with the skills they need to be self-confident, creative decision makers and problem solvers in their everyday life. 

Our classes are designed to reduce the fear of failure that many individuals experience at some point in their life by placing them in an environment where they will learn how different decisions will change the outcomes of their culinary creations. Each class will provide lessons in math & science, promote creativity, improve communication skills, and increase resilience in the face of adversity.

For Adults & Corporations:

Bake Me A Leader curates classes for both teams and individuals to help adults identify their core competencies and use them to be the most effective leaders they can be. We also provide classes for teams to learn to work more effectively and efficiently together, by improving communication and increasing transparency across roles and responsibilities.

At Bake Me A Leader, we believe everyone has the potential to be a leader in their lives and we look forward to helping along the way. Let's Get Baking!

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