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Bake Your Own - Layer Dip

Challenge 1 of the BYO Cook Along Series

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! With the weather warming up, it’s time to introduce our 1st Bake Your Own (BYO) challenge and share another one of our favorite recipes. We know times are trying and our goal with this series is to help you create a new collection of recipes for your home, fully customized to your own tastes, while providing some tools to start new traditions and get comfortable experimenting with different foods in the kitchen.

Several years ago our founder made a really really large layer dip for Cinco de Mayo and it was a huge <literally> hit! Since then the layer dips have come in all shapes and sizes and flavor profiles, but none have fed quite as many people as the one in this picture.

For our first challenge, we want you to create your own layer dip. It can be large or small, a few layers or as many layers as we have here. You can stick with the Cinco de Mayo theme or try something of a different variety (think Greek or Asian or maybe even dessert flavors); serve it warm or cold depending on your preferences. And don't be afraid to get creative with the things you use to transport the dip to your mouth…tortilla chips are great, so are veggies, but the sky is the limit!

Be sure to write down your recipe to add to your family’s cookbook, take a picture, and tag us if you share it! #bakeyourown #bakemealeader

In this picture we have cilantro lime chicken, mexican rice, refried beans, black beans, corn, cheese, homemade guac, sour cream, pico, hatch chiles, jalapeños, olives, and just about everything else we could think of that sounded like it belonged in a gigantic layer dip. Normally our founder just sticks to the basics for a 7 layer dip, but this dip was the centerpiece to feed a whole lot of people. It took 3 people to assemble and was a fun <and pretty messy> experiment that really wowed the crowd.

In case you’re looking for another DELICIOUS dinner option in the form of a set it and forget it crockpot delight with just a little work before and after to go from set-up to dinner in a snap, you've got to try this Slow Cooker Carnitas recipe. We recommend letting the rub stand on the pork for an hour or two before you get it started in the crockpot (you can leave the rub on overnight, but be ready for the flavors to really come through in the meat). If you want to prep it and pop it right into the crockpot, we’ve definitely gone that route many times too! Another tip is to add a couple of Mexican beers (or other light beer) or 3-4 cups of broth to the crockpot...we've never cooked it without added liquid because we love the flavor it adds.

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