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Practicing what I preach.

Updated: Oct 25, 2018


Full Disclosure - I spent more of this picture hoping I wouldn't fall into the water as opposed to actually enjoying the waterfall

As I mentioned in my last post, goal setting only means so much unless you actually create ways for yourself to ACHIEVE those goals. Below are the two areas I plan on focusing to grow myself as a leader before looking outwardly at ways in which I can pay it forward!

Increase my flexibility and be able to do the splits before the end of the year
  1. How: Do 1 hour of yoga a minimum of 2x per week (I used to say do yoga every day plus workout plus stretch plus plus plus…this year I’m starting small) + stretch 5-10 minutes in the evening.

  2. Success: I know I’ve achieved my goal when I can do front splits on both sides and my hamstrings are no longer causing me low back pain

  3. Why: Why did I choose this as a goal, you ask? I’ve always had it in my head that I want to be more flexible in part because it requires core strength and also because it will reduce some of the stiffness I have in my hips/low back and shoulders.

This past year, I ran my 1st 10K and ended up not being able to walk for a week afterwards (Please note the glorious pic of my brother and me in my boot from our family trip the week after the race) because I had done such a poor job stretching after each of my training runs. I should’ve known better, but this year I’m going to actually pay attention to my flexibility because it will help me with my overall mind/body health PLUS a stretch goal of doing the splits to keep pushing myself further than just “stretching a bunch.”

Practice mindfulness/meditation every day
  1. How: Take time each day to meditate for a minimum of 3-5 minutes and clear my head.

  2. Success: I know I’ve achieved my goal if I have the ability to further separate myself from situations that cause stress or anxiety (we all experience stress and anxiety, it’s how you choose to handle it that matters)

  3. Why: Being able to calm your mind is paramount to being flexible in all aspects of your life (HA! easier said than done…). Whether it be a change in location or job or anything, being able to deal with the roadblocks is critical to success and matches my overall theme of flexibility. In the past several years, I’ve found that it’s really easy to become overwhelmed or overloaded by work/life/relationships/etc. You want to balance it all and give 100% to everything, but without a clear mind, you can’t prioritize things effectively. Several of my friends have mentioned that mindfulness/meditation has really helped them so I figure I should give it a go!

Again...please keep me posted on your goals and progress! I'd love to hear about ways in which you're taking charge of your life! #BMAL #bakemealeader #flexibility #newyear

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